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Our Purpose

Here at Flawless Optics, we offer state-of-the-art, easy to operate, custom-built lighting units for cars, businesses, and homes looking to upgrade their visual appeal. Our services enable you to own and operate laser lighting systems, without having to purchase a concert-grade system, learn programming, or deal with installation. But lasers are not all we do: we are lighting designers and can solve all your lighting challenges whether for a club, a video shoot or your home. Our products are 100% hand-made, and imbue your home, vehicle or business with a visually enticing atmosphere.

Our Services

Interior Design - Custom Lighting Units - Video Lighting - Photography Lighting - Event Planning - Architectural Laser Lighting

What You Get

- 1 Custom Built 50 milliwatt Green Laser - 1 Year Warranty: Signed by Seller & Buyer - Alternating Current Converter: power your laser with one simple step - Additional Magnets & Mirrors: Accidents Happen - 24/7 Assistance Line: We Are Here For You

Your laser has been designed to have a power output of 50 mW (Milliwatts). This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a laser, without worrying about setting things on fire, hurting your eyes, or being a distraction to other drivers. We've also removed the need for a battery. No charging, dismantling, or power failures - Just Plug & Play. Simply put, your laser is a visual and physical work of tangible art.

Made To Order - Conveniently Priced

Much like delicious food, our laser modules are made to order. Quality counts, which is why every aspect of your purchase is customizable. Want the leather of the magnetic dash mount to match your interior? Easy. Want the paint job on your laser to match the one on your car? Done. At a cost of $550 and an expected life of 8,000 hours, your purchase costs just $0.06 per hour for the lifetime of the laser. Your ride will shine and your wallet won't hurt.

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